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Capital : Paris
Population : 61 millions
Area : 674 000 km²
Language : French ­
Government : Unitary semi-presidential republic
Currency : Euro ­
Motto : Liberty, Equality, Fraternity

Did you know...

…that France has a cheese for every day of the year!



Family life

Most of the host families in France live in small towns, suburbs or in small communities and they can be very different: some have children, some do not, and sometimes they are single parents…
In a Latin type of culture, family is an essential part of life.
The most important part of daily life with the family is at the evening dinner. It usually takes place around 7.30pm -8pm. Family members normally eat together and that meal lasts for about an hour. This is the appropriate moment for the family to talk and share the happenings of the day. When you are able to take part in – and not only listen to - the dinner discussion, you can consider yourself to have a good level of French!
Your host family will always ask you about your assignments, your results and attendance at school, about your different activities... They might play a big part in your private life. But know that it is their way of showing interest and that they care!
As you will be a member of the family, you will be expected to respect rules and wishes of your family and account for your activities. In France, what ever your age, as long as you live at home and your parents pay for your living, you must obey all the rules of the family (eg : curfews).
Family life will be one of the most important aspects of your exchange experience. 



A normal school day might start at 08.30 and end at 17.30. Classes last normally 1 to 2 hours. Students take a lot of notes and are supposed to read chapters from books at home.
During the day, there is a 1 to 2 hours break for lunch, some students go home. Most stay at school to have lunch. Actually this is the moment of the day when they can talk, have fun and be together.
The school year last from the beginning of September to the end of June. Usually there are ten days of holidays in fall, two weeks at Christmas, two weeks in winter and two weeks in spring.
Grades rank from 0 to 20. Normally students get grades between 8 and 14. To get 18 for a test in France means that student is a « semi-God »...!!! (Read : almost better than the teacher himself.)
In many cases exchange students don’t realize the importance of school during their stay before their arrival in Fra­nce...
As you already have knowledge of French, you will be expected to participate in daily lessons, do homework, tests and assignments. Every year we have students who successfully pass their class or « Baccalauréat » like their French friends!!!! That is really a great achievement and their host families, as well as YFU are always really proud of them.


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